How to Shop for Men’s Clothes

For most men clothing is something that they pay not a whole lot of attention to and though they may want to look good and dress well it is more often than not a means to an end and not an end in itself. Shopping for clothes too is something that most men would really rather not do if they had the choice and many men do just that. For the most part they allow their wives, girlfriends or significant others to do the buying of clothes for them at the most accompanying them in an unwilling or at best semi willing fashion on the task.There lies the difference, women actually like the process of shopping and the whole process of looking for the perfect clothes. They like the process so much in fact that they do it for fun and they have invented a term called window shopping that means they go through all the motions of looking endlessly for clothes, shoes and accessories, try them out as well, spending hour after hour tying endless pairs of shoes on or going in and out of changing rooms as they model outfit after outfit for their girlfriends. Men on the other hand see shopping as task, one that needs to be accomplished in the swiftest and most efficient manner possible. Men always want to buy the first thing they see and go home.This is a truth that one does not have to be a man to know. Any woman who has ever had to drag a man to go shopping with her even if it is to buy mens clothes will know this – whether it is a boy friend, a father, a brother or a significant other or even just a friend who needs help with deciding what to buy.In the last decade or so this situation has gotten a little bit better as the fashion industry and the media at large have both managed to goad most men in to taking more of an interest in their appearance and their grooming and in spending more money and indeed time in buying men’s clothing and accessories. Men now put a lot of thought into clothing than they have ever before. There is also a new kind of man these days called the metro sexual man who takes as much care of his appearance as women do and puts as much though into what he wears. Most men though would rather not go shopping and for them there is a great new alternative now, online clothing stores.

Fashion Accessories – Unique and Fabulous

New up and coming independent designers and online small fashion labels offer a great alternative to high street stores in when it comes to fashion accessories. Tops for originality, quality and the flexibility found among smaller firms who are often willing to bend over backwards to get you just what you want, small fashion labels offer huge choice too: there’s a new take on every fashion trend amongst labels like these.There is one company which has been at the forefront of new designers and small fashion labels offering a great range of fashion accessories in the online market place, which has an extensive range of clothing and accessories supplied by many small businesses with their own unique look or style.We challenged this company’s fashion editor Carrie Tucker who works for an internet site that cater’s to lots of trends and styles, to reveal what she thinks the designers and labels on her site can offer. We named 8 different styles and asked her where to look for great fashion and accessories ideas.1. Retro Chic”Retro keeps coming back with a vengeance and it’s good for the business to always be prepared. We have a number of companies like Gingerspin who make great vintage bags that are bursting with old school style and lots of other accessories too.”2. Hippy Chic”The hippy style is going to be big this summer and we’ve got plenty of flowing, colourful dresses and lots of accessories too. It’s all about sunshine and fun – you can expect the streets of London to look more like Woodstock this summer!”3. Elegant Evening Wear”More and more people want their fashion accessories to have a real touch of glamour and glitz. Evening wear is always in but our partners have provided a great selection of original designs that are great for standing apart from the crowd.”4. Urban”Ducti make some great bags that capture the city look so well that are sharp and bright. Plus there are plenty of other accessories that capture the metropolitan style on the site too.”5. The LBD”Every woman needs at least one good little black dress and we’ve got some great takes on this classic item. These garments are a girl’s failsafe, but when they come with originality and contemporary ideas, it’s a real bonus.”6. Boho”It’s all about freedom and fashion meeting in great clothes and small businesses do this style better than anyone else. We have blouses and dresses that look radiant and relaxed throughout our fashion department.”7. Slouchwear”Carma London do some great slouchwear. There’s no harm in looking fantastic when you just feel like throwing on something simple, and the designers that contribute to our site know that. It’s comfort and style in perfect harmony.”8. Eco Friendly fashion”We like to support the small businesses that care as much about the planet as they do about their style. Many of our designers bring you clothes made from organic fabrics, with a tiny carbon footprint… and a fabulous-looking you!.”