April 22, 2024

As cat owners, we spend time thinking about how best to protect our pets from the dangers that might befall them. We wonder things like “Does she have a hairball?” or “Did she pick something up off the floor?” or even “Is she choking?” These are all indications of a concerned pet parent. We take on the burden of bathing our cats, seeing that they are spayed or neutered and get their shots. We even love them and hug them (when they let us!). But there may be times when we forget about their mental and emotional health.At the risk of sounding like the Dog Whisperer, the truth is that cats are very sensitive animals. They’re sensitive to changes in physical environment, and they can nuance stressful situations. They get moody, too. Sometimes cats act out whenever they’re trying to deal with things they can’t easily process. Their feelings may come out when they hiss, scratch, or use the bathroom where they shouldn’t.Part of good animal health is maintaining a healthy mind. As pet parents, we can forget that. A healthy mind goes hand in hand with good levels of physical fitness. Cats which have the opportunity to play, hide, climb and scratch on cat furniture are generally better tempered than their counterparts.Cat trees make an exceptional outlet for cats, challenging them both physically and mentally. Made of wood and covered with a variety of fabrics, cat trees provide a veritable feline playground. Your formerly lazy cat may find renewed interest in play if given some cat trees.The real fun – which is truly disguised exercise – comes when you watch your pet run among the cat trees, stalking pretend play or even crashing in a specially-shaped hammock. Next time you think about the health of your animal, give cat trees some thought.