April 22, 2024

A belly dancing costume that comes with all the accessories included can be termed belly dancing wear. What you will find with belly dancing wear is the skirt, the bra and the belt. You might even find that a headpiece and jewelry is also included with your costume.The SkirtYou can put together your own belly dancing wear. Choose a skirt that is most appropriate for your dancing. The most common choice among belly dancers is a skirt. They can be a simple skirt or a more complex tiered number with slits up the sides.The skirt can be embellished with fringe and beads. Some skirts have beautiful embroidery. Some belly dancers use harem pants instead of a skirt. Harem pants can achieve a flowing effect when the dancer is moving and performing her routine.Belly Dancing AccessoriesThe hip scarf is a popular accessory among belly dancers. It is added to the skirt and follows the hip motions of the dancer. You can add sequins to your bra and skirt if you want a little flash. Arm cuffs and headpieces are other common accessories. Don’t forget to add some jewelry to your costume. The selection of the right jewelry can really set off your costume.Belly Dancing PropsThe use of veils made of silk and chiffon can be added to your dance routine as props. Belly dancers will often make use of a feather boa for an extra dramatic effect. Coins sewn onto your bra will make a nice tinkling sound as you dance and provide a shimmering look under lights.Mixing it UpGet some good pieces to change your belly dancing costume every once in a while. Experiment with headpieces and jewelry to see how it affects your performance. Don’t be afraid to try out a new bra and skirt to see if the movement of the new item will add to or enhance your dance routine. Make sure you check with your venue to be sure you are adhering to their rules for belly dancing wear.The items you select should be comfortable enough to dance in. You should be able to make all of your movements easily without the costume becoming an encumbrance. Make sure you shop around for great deals on your costume.It is always possible to buy a complete costume and add to it as your routine and performance changes. You will have many ideas about the things you would like to see on your costume and should feel free to add them as you wish. Look for some authenticity when you are shopping for accessories for your costume.