April 22, 2024

Travel Supplies and Accessories can really make your trip. With a little thought and some pre-planning, you can be prepared no matter if your travel is for business or pleasure.8 Must Have Travel Supplies and AccessoriesIt’s all about the bag. Carry- on bag or checked bag? Do you need a bag that fits under the seat? Is it an overnight trip or a weekend trip? Select a bag that is roomy yet compact, and meets the needs of your particular trip. One size does not fit all. Most importantly, pack what you can carry.Pack a snack. Never leave home without food in your bag. Almonds, Chex mix, pretzels, protein bars. Road trip or airplane trip. Doesn’t matter. Nothing makes traveling grumpier, than an empty stomach and no food in site.Comfortable Shoes. This should go without saying. Sneakers, Sandals, Flip Flops, Crocs. Whatever works for you.An iPhone or similar. Great apps for maps and directions, restaurants, gas stations, weather, hotels, places to see, things to do. Plus a built in camera.Basic Toiletries. Take what you NEED for the trip. Travel size item toiletries really make the difference for a short trip or in your carry-on bag. Again, this goes back to #1. Get the right size toiletry bag to fit in your tote bag, carry-on bag or checked bag.Noise Reduction Headphones. If you do any flying, you can see the value of these. Noisy seatmates, no problem. Crying babies, no problem. You can use them in hotel rooms when you have noisy neighbors keeping you awake. They really do work and are really worth the money.Travel First Aid Kit. You can buy this pre-packaged in a small and compact travel kit. Or you can make your own with a zip lock bag. Pack the basics. Pain killers, band aids, antiseptic, antacids, tweezers, small scissors, lip balm, Kleenex, and whatever you use regularly. Sun screen and Insect repellant is a good idea. I always take extra gallon zip lock bags for wet bathing suits, or liquids that may leak.Pack the right clothes. It is always cold on airplanes. Take a jacket and spare socks on board, if you are wearing sandals. Even better, bring your own blanket. The blanket also works in the car on road trips. There are many blankets on the market made for travel that are compact and machine washable.